Myths About Construction Accident Injuries - Debunked!

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Myths About Construction Accident Injuries - Debunked!

Construction workers hear so many misconceptions about the risks of work accidents that it's no surprise they don't know how to protect themselves. These myths are often spread at construction sites, and when workers take them to heart and make unprotected choices, they could miss out on important benefits when they get injured. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about construction accidents that need to be set straight.

 Myths About Construction Accident Injuries: Debunked!

 Construction workers have some of the most dangerous working conditions, which is why injuries happen quite frequently. However, if these workers do find themselves injured or hurt, it is crucial that they know how to handle the situation.

 Here are the top myths you may have already heard about construction accident injuries that you need to stop believing.

 Myth 1 - Workers should not report small injuries.

 Safety is important, and if you are hurt, you should report the injury to your employer. If you don't report it, your employer could think that you are exaggerating the extent of your injuries, and so you will not be able to get the money you need to recover.

 Myth 2 - Workers should not ask for time off to heal.

 Many workers believe that they will not be paid if they take time off to recover from an injury. However, you should ask your employer for time off so that you can heal properly. Your employer is legally required to allow you to take leave.

 Myth 3 - An accident that happened while breaking the rules should not be reported.

 A worker's only priority is to stay safe and be protected. If you broke the rules and got hurt while doing so, you should still report the injury to your employer.

 Myth 4 - You cannot seek additional compensation if you are already getting workers' comp.

 This is a common misconception that can lead to workers giving up the benefits they are already entitled to. You should speak with an attorney to find out if you can file a second claim for more money.

 Myth 5 - The only way to get compensation is to sue your employer.

 This is a common misconception because of the negative reputation that comes with lawsuits. However, you do not have to sue your employer to get the benefits you deserve. In fact, many workers choose not to sue and still get the benefits they need to recover with the help of a workers' compensation lawyer.

 Myth 6 - Any lawyer can help with workers' comp cases

 There are lawyers who specialize in workers' compensation law because it is highly regulated. If you have a question about your case or need help, you should speak with a lawyer who specializes in workers' compensation.

 Myth 7 - You will lose more than you gain if you submit a claim for workers' comp.

 This misconception makes workers choose not to report injuries. However, - you may be entitled to get back what you lost because of the accident, and in many cases, you will be able to take care of future problems such as medical expenses or lost wages.

 Myth 8 - You cannot get medical care if you have workers' comp.

 Many workers believe that they cannot get medical care or seek treatment if they are on workers' comp, but this is not the case. Workers can still get medical care while they are collecting compensation, but the treatment will be fully paid for by their employer.

 Myth 9 - If you are injured on the job, you will be fired.

 Construction workers are often concerned that reporting an injury will get them fired. This is not the case, and most employees are not fired after getting hurt because of their employer's legal obligation to provide workers' comp benefits.

 Myth 10 - You will get better faster if you work while you recover.

 Many people believe that they will get better faster if they continue to work. However, this puts workers at risk of developing secondary conditions.

 Myth 11 - You can only get workers' comp if you have a certificate of injury.

 This is a popular misconception that needs to be cleared up. A certificate of injury does not prove an injury happened. A medical professional needs to review an injury and verify that it was indeed caused by the workplace to support a workers' comp claim.

 Myth 12 - If you get hurt on the job, you will never work again.

 While it may be true that construction workers have a lower life expectancy than the general public, they can still work after they recover. However, they may have to find jobs that do not require the same level of physical strain.

 Myth 13 - If you are hurt badly, it won't be worth it to make a claim.

 If you are injured badly, you will receive more money than if your injury was minor. If your injury is serious enough that you end up missing a lot of work, you will recover more than if you were to miss just a few days.

 Myth 14 - It doesn't really matter whether or not you report injuries because workers' comp will still cover you.

 This is a common misconception in construction because injuries happen so often on a daily basis. However, if you do not report the injury, you will not get the money you need to recover.


 Construction workers should not believe these myths. Getting injured on the job is bad enough; you shouldn't let misinformation bog you down. You need to know that you can do something about your injury and that help is available if you need it.

 Successfully handling an injury claim requires that you know the laws, such as the time limits for filing a case. You should also consult an attorney because you won't know what your employer is obligated to pay you. For that reason, it is best to hire an attorney who can help you figure out what is owed to you and what benefits you should get from your employer.

 If you are looking for a workers comp attorney in Monterey, CA, come to Mendez and Sanchez Law. Our attorneys and team members are here to help you through the difficult legal landscape as we pursue the compensation you deserve. Please contact us for your Personal Injury, Auto Accident, Workers' Compensation, Slip and Fall, or other legal needs today!

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