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The Team at Mendez and Sanchez APC are exactly the type of lawyers you want to work with when you need a team of fighters on your side. Their personalities and skillsets perfectly complement each other, giving you a winning team in your corner for every step of the legal process.

Mendez & Sanchez APC

Friends since high school, Giancarlo and Michael took different paths in college, only to end up together again at Whittier Law School where they both received their Juris Doctorate. When they decided to become partners and open their own law firm, they knew, as young lawyers looking to leave a positive mark on the world, they would have to go above and beyond for their clients.

Their early cases involved cross country trips, late nights, and stepping into courtrooms with attorneys who had been practicing law longer than they had been alive.  This experience and early success showed them just what an amazing team they were together.  Since those early days, Giancarlo and Michael have built a reputation in their community as the team that will take the difficult cases and get their client the compensation they deserve, a team that clients feel comfortable referring because of their hard work, and most importantly, a team that does whatever it takes to win for their clients.

Attorney Giancarlo Mendez from Mendez & Sanchez APC, posing.

Giancarlo Mendez

Giancarlo has a reputation for delivering legal services of the highest caliber. As a personal injury attorney, he is passionate about protecting the right of clients who have been injured.

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Attorney Michael Sanchez from Mendez & Sanchez APC, posing.

Michael Sanchez

Michael focuses on the various facets of law that relate to accidents and bad faith insurance claims. Focusing entirely on plaintiff work, Michael has developed a sophisticated ability to see value in claims where most attorneys don’t.

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Attorney Alex Guerrero from Mendez & Sanchez APC, posing.

Alex Guerrero

Mr. Guerrero worked as a defense attorney for 17 years; the last 6 of which as a partner in the largest law firm in Los Angeles.  Tired of seeing good people with valid claims and injuries being denied their just compensation, Mr. Guerrero decided to use his extensive experience and institutional knowledge of corporations and insurance companies against them. Mr. Guerrero knows corporations and insurance companies' weaknesses, and uses that knowledge for his clients in order to maximize their recovery.

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Attorney Arya Tahmassebi from Mendez & Sanchez APC, posing.

Arya Tahmassebi

Arya Tahmassebi focuses his practice on personal injury, wrongful death, and bad faith litigation throughout California and Nevada. Since joining the firm, Mr. Tahmassebi has worked on a variety of personal injury cases and has already recovered millions of dollars for his clients. In his free time, Mr. Tahmassebi enjoys playing soccer, investing, and spending time with friends and family.

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Attorney Arielle Farias from Mendez & Sanchez APC, posing.

Arielle Farias

Arielle focuses her legal practice on personal injury, zealously advocating for those who have been wronged or injured. Arielle understands that each victim’s personal situation is unique and makes sure that they are fully aware of their rights and options at every step of the legal process. Arielle is a proud first-generation Latina lawyer breaking barriers within her community and the legal field. She is a firm believer that everyone deserves qualified representation, which is why she tends to each of her client's needs individually.

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"Michael was an outstanding attorney. He always made sure to keep me in the loop with my case and worked nonstop to help get the outcome I deserved. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs only the best lawyer and I will definitely return to him again in the future!"

Rachel G.

"Super professional, friendly staff. The team was so knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire legal process of my car accident. I highly recommend using them!"

Michelle Nguyen

"Very professional and diligent. Got my case resolved in a timely manner and communicated with my throughout the process of my case."

Brian Altnis

"Wow! Michael Sanchez got me more money than I thought I would ever get. He's confident and a shark yet kind with his clients. I highly recommend."

Giovanni P

"My fiancé had a successful case with this firm. Under the circumstances, Mendez & Sanchez, attorneys and staff made this a pleasant experience. Staff was respectful, genuine, and all around a great fit for the case and my fiancé. This firm comes highly recommended!"

Danielle Simmons

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