Know the Legal Rights for a Swollen Stomach after an Accident

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Know the Legal Rights for a Swollen Stomach after an Accident

After a car accident, you expect injuries like whiplash, broken bones, and cuts. However, other injuries might occur. If you have any abdominal pain or a swollen stomach after a car accident, you could seek compensation through an accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

But before suing anyone just yet, there are some things you must do first:

●Get medical attention immediately: If you have stomach pain or a swollen stomach after an auto accident, consult a doctor immediately. These symptoms could be a sign of severe internal injuries.

In some cases, a swollen stomach is caused by something called seat belt syndrome. On impact, a seat belt can result in blunt force trauma. Seat belt syndrome refers to the chest and abdominal injuries caused by a motor vehicle crash.

● Follow through with medical care: If you don't go to your doctor's appointments or don't do the recommended treatment, you could get worse instead of better.

You must establish medical care if someone else is responsible for your accident. If you miss appointments, the insurance company could argue that you are not injured. These visits also provide documentation for your accident lawyer to establish your case.

● Only then can you hire an accident lawyer: After a crash, the last thing you want to consider is a lawsuit. But a personal injury claim may be the only way to get the total compensation you deserve. A settlement can cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Hiring an accident lawyer also removes the burden and allows you to focus on healing. Your accident attorney will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf. You can rest and not worry about answering phone calls and emails from insurance representatives.

How an Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Yes, attorneys are Juris Doctors, but you’re dealing with medical concerns, not legal ones, so how can they help? They’re not medically trained, so you can document the incident and get compensation, can't you?

Not really.

The insurance company will probably offer you much less money than your injuries are worth. Or, they might say that the accident was your fault and that you don't deserve compensation.

Unless you have proper representation.

If you have a swollen stomach after a car accident, there are several ways an attorney can help you.

● Attorneys can pursue justice for you: If you don't have legal representation, the insurance company may try to take advantage of you. They may blame you for causing the incident even if the evidence proves otherwise.

Some motor vehicle crashes require an investigation to prove or determine negligence. This could require an accident scene re-creation and tracking down witnesses. Most individuals don’t have the human resources or resources to carry out such endeavors.

● Attorneys can increase your settlement: When negotiating a settlement with an insurance company, you're not just looking at your current medical bills and lost wages. You also have to think aboutlong-term complications from your injuries. Your settlement should reflect these future expenses because once you accept a payout, you usually can't sue for more money later.

● Attorneys will share valuable insights: An experienced personal injury law firm knows how to deal with insurance companies and what to expect from them.

Trial attorneys know the judges in your jurisdiction and possibly the insurance company’s attorneys. They aren't going into your case without any knowledge.

Right #1: Payment of Medical Bills

If you sustained injuries in an auto accident that wasn't your fault, you shouldn't have to pay for the resulting medical expenses. It is your right to fight for the truth and be compensated if you are the victim.

Sometimes, it's immediately apparent who was at fault. In other cases, an investigation is needed to determine responsibility. That’s why you need an accident lawyer by your side from the start.

You might face criminal charges if the other driver broke the law during your car accident. For example, if they were driving drunk or over the posted speed limit.

The criminal case could give you money as restitution, but this is not the same as a personal injury award.

Complainants must file car accident claims in a civil court, not a criminal court. Your right to a car accident settlement is separate from any criminal proceedings. Therefore, your right is to file a personal injury claim even if criminal charges are never brought forth.

There is more to determining the value of a settlement than just adding up your medical bills.

● You may be reimbursed for both your economic and non-economic damages.

● Economic damages include costs like a doctor's visit or fixing your car.

● Non-economic damages are the intangible effects of an injury, like emotional trauma.

An accident attorney will help you determine how much your accident-related injuries are worth. They may talk to other experts, like financial or medical professionals. Your settlement is usually your only chance to get money for your injuries, so try to get the most you can.

With the aid of an accident attorney, you can seek compensation for both types of damages.

Right #2: Lawsuit Filing

It is also your right to file a lawsuit if it is apparent you are not at fault and seek compensation. However, If you've been injured, you have a limited time to file a personal injury claim. In California, for example, the deadline to file a lawsuit for car accident injuries is either:

● Exactly two years from the date of the incident, or

● One year from the date you discovered your injury.

Remember that California's statute of limitations may differ from other jurisdictions. Therefore, speaking with an attorney as soon as possible is essential to protect your legal rights.

What if the other driver is uninsured? Should you still sue them? You may have legal recourse even if. You must consult with a car accident lawyer to find out for sure.

Not all cases require court presence, however. Many times, you can settle the matter throughout-of-court negotiations. But sometimes, going to court is your best option.

Know More through an Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Seek out Mendez & Sanchez Law today if you know anyone who needs representation! We’ll provide you with an accident lawyer in Los Angeles who will help you navigate the law as we fight for the compensation you deserve. Visit our website and contact us right now!

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