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Construction Site Hazards

Construction sites present many dangers to workers and innocent onlookers alike. Construction workers are subject to a high level of threat as they are frequently involved in potentially hazardous jobs such as raising hefty things, operating large equipment, and doing work obligations at elevated heights. Still, proper protocol as well as safety methods can lower a worker or bystander's danger of injury. When a contractor or its employee causes an avoidable construction accident via neglect or an offense of California State Labor Law, that contractor might be responsible for the person's injuries.

When a construction accident causes damage to a worker, workers' compensation laws will usually be used. Nonetheless, the damaged construction worker may still hold the site manager, general contractor, construction administrator, and subcontractor accountable if the accident resulted from a fall from a height, ladder, scaffold, via an unprotected opening, from a dropping item, or an offense of among California's lots of industrial regulations. When an innocent bystander experiences injury as the result of a construction accident, she or he might also be eligible to recuperate damages by filing a personal injury claim.

At our East Los Angeles office, our Construction Accident attorneys are strong advocates for construction accident victims. Our law firm has experience in fighting for the rights and interests of people who were severely injured in construction accidents. If you or your loved one was injured in a construction accident, you need to take immediate action. For free legal guidance, please call us today at 323-838-1444. We will review your case, explain your rights and your options to you, and help you take action. Whether you're a construction worker or just a bystander who has experienced injury as the result of a construction accident, you might be eligible to receive financial recuperation for your losses. Our lawyers can aid you comprehend your legal rights as well as figure out a course of action.

Typical Construction Accident Injuries

Moving equipment, power sources, bulky construction building materials, scaffolds, and also excavations pose obvious construction site dangers. Information assembled by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) point out the most frequently endured injuries that workers and onlookers experience when supervisors take inadequate actions to protect them from risks:

  1. Injuries that occur as a result of falling from scaffolds, as well as blunt force injury from devices or materials that are dropped from high elevations;
  2. Electrocutions arising from contact with incorrectly protected high-voltage or high-power electric lines and also devices;
  3. Impact injuries from accidents with hefty tools;
  4. Suffocation or asphyxiation from insufficient air supplies in tight or caged construction site workspaces;
  5. Impact injuries from appliances, tools, or materials throughout demolition work.


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