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Los Angeles Dog Bite and Animal Attack Lawyer

Animal Attack And Dog Bites Can Create Serious Injuries

Annually, countless pets find forever homes in Illinois. Nonetheless, a few of these animals may not be appropriate as pets as well as can cause safety risks to little ones as well as local communities. This can cause animal attacks, and the requirement to consult with a Los Angeles dog bite attorney.

Around 4.5 million dog attacks happen yearly in the United States. Of these dog bites, 1 out of 5 of them come to be infected resulting in complications. In addition to infections, dog bites can also lead to significant damage that needs a surgical procedure. If you or a member of the family were attacked by a dog or another domestic animal that caused injury, you could be eligible for settlement. Owners are needed to take specific steps to maintain others safe from their pets. When a pet owner fails to do this, they could be held liable for your damages.

What can I do to protect my legal rights after being assaulted by a dog?

The more information you have concerning the dog, the owner, as well as the situations of the attack, the far better prepared your injury attorney will certainly be in figuring out whether you have a case and also what your damages might be. Some actions you will certainly intend to take consist of:

  • Obtaining the names and also contact numbers of the dog's owner and also witnesses.
  • Seeking medical care if you require it.
  • Reporting the incident to animal control authorities.

It is likewise possible to impose liability on animal control departments as well as other public entities that have actually failed to do something about it against dangerous dogs. Liability can in some cases fall on landlords and homeowners associations if the proper elements are confirmed.

When a costly injury occurs as a result of an animal attack or dog bites, you may have a valid injury claim for negligence. The Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Mendez and Sanchez can help you understand your rights and options. You can contact us online or by calling us at (323) 838-1444.


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