Car Accident Claims - Do You Need Your Dashcam to Help Your Case

Car Accident Claims - Do You Need Your Dashcam to Help Your Case

If your car is equipped with a dashcam, and you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver, you have a much better chance of receiving compensation. A dashcam records the road, the other party, and other important details such as the weather conditions, road conditions, and driver behaviors such as speeding, swerving, or running a red light.

Without a dashcam, you must rely on the testimony of other drivers, eyewitnesses, and police reports concerning the accident. Witnesses or police officers who come upon the accident may not have given thorough attention to their observations.  

Eyewitnesses to an accident have a 50 percent chance of accurately describing an accident. On that note, police reports can be inaccurate as well. In contrast, your dashcam records every second of your trip. It’s a very reliable method of proving liability, and it can often increase the amount of compensation you receive.

What is a Dashcam and How Does it Work?

Dashcams are simply video cameras that are mounted to the windshield or the dashboard of your car. So long as your vehicle is in gear, then the dashcam will keep on recording, making it a valuable tool for capturing every action on the road.

With the advent of technology, newer models are made with intricate features that can better aid in the driver's plight during accidents. This includes the ability to record interior audio and video, stream on the rearview mirror or directly to the internet, as well as a rear-facing video that can finally spot rear-end crashes.

What can the Dashcam Capture?

A dashcam can very easily capture what transpired in an accident. It is able to record videos, which will show the actions of the driver, such as breaking and swerving. During an accident, the driver might not be sure of what happened, but with video evidence, one can go back and determine the sequence of events in order to determine liability.

Since it can capture both audio and video, the dashcam is able to show the audio of the car’s systems, the road surface, the vehicle’s movements, and the conversations of the driver, passengers, and other drivers.

When it comes to liability in a car accident, the dashcam is able to show the following:

● The other car's make, color, model, and license plate, which can play a pivotal role in helping you on hit-and-run cases;

● Whether you were driving while distracted, such as with the use of a cell phone;

● How well you were driving, such as how much time you were taking to hit the brakes, your lane position, and the vehicle's speed.

● Whether you were hit on the left or right side of your vehicle by another driver;

● The actions of the other driver during the accident;

● The actions of the other driver before the accident occurred, such as speeding, swerving, or running a red light;

Aside from recording what transpired on the road, a dashcam can also reveal your conversations with the other driver—from the driver's apology, possible hostility, or even impairment from substances thanks to the dashcams' audio capabilities.  

The Two-Way Nature of Dashcams

The video and audio footage will help you prove the accident and its circumstances. The other driver might try to say that his or her side of the story is the one that happened. Lastly, it can support your case against a possible criminal charge.

The dashcam can capture audio and video that can be used to support your claim for payment, but it can also be used against you. If you are engaged in criminal activity, for example, the dashcam can capture it. If you ran a red light or sped excessively, it can also capture that.

In most states such as California, for example, it is legal to use a dashcam. However, some other states don't necessarily require you to use a dashcam, though they do not necessarily prohibit their use.

When is a Dashcam Favorable to Your Car Accident Claim?

The dashcam is very favorable in accidents where liability is contested. These cases often involve hit-and-run accidents, minor accidents, and rear-end accidents. This is because when it comes to liability for these kinds of accidents, the testimony of the driver and of other witnesses is not enough to prove liability.

If the other party is no longer present when you go to file your claim, a dashcam is able to serve as the other party. It can also help if there is no other eyewitness evidence. If you were hit by a hit-and-run driver, the dashcam can even serve as the witness to that driver.

The dashcam can also play a significant role in injury-related car accidents. While some insurance companies might not compensate a client who sustained injuries in a minor accident, a dashcam can prove that the accident was the start of a bigger problem such as whiplash.

The dashcam is also useful when the insurance company of the other party is not cooperative. It can help you determine the liability of the other driver, especially in cases where the other party will not admit liability. If the dashcam shows that the driver was speeding and hit you, then that driver was likely at fault.

When is a Dashcam Unfavorable to Your Car Accident Claim?

The dashcam could play a disadvantage to your car accident claim if you were the one at fault in the accident. Accidents that happen when you follow too closely to another car, for example, can be resolved by using a dashcam to show that it was in fact the other driver’s fault. Otherwise, if you were the one who hit the other car, the dashcam would show that you were following too closely.

What are the Limitations of a Dashcam?

Despite the dashcams' many benefits, it’s important to remember that it does not serve as the only evidence that you need for your claim. A dashcam is not a replacement for proper documentation such as witness statements, medical records, and police reports.

The Bottom Line: The Role of Dashcams in Car Accident Claims

A dashcam is just one part of the whole claim process that can help you prove liability in your case. With the right legal team and the right dashcam, you’ll be able to get the compensation that you need.

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