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John Hernandez

Experience: 20 years of Legal Experience / Workers' Compensation / Civil Matters

Boasting a legal career that spans well over two decades, Mr. Hernandez stands as a seasoned Partner and a distinguished Retired Workers’ Compensation Judge, whose expertise is nothing short of indispensable. His professional journey is a tapestry of diverse experiences, characterized by a profound commitment to justice and a fervent dedication to his community.

Mr. Hernandez's legal voyage commenced in the trenches as a deputy public defender, where he diligently defended a spectrum of cases, from misdemeanors to high-stakes felony matters. It was in these early days that he honed his trial advocacy skills, laying the foundation for a career marked by tenacity and a passion for upholding the law.

With time, he transitioned into the intricate world of insurance defense, specializing in workers' compensation and civil cases for prominent defense firms. Here, he sharpened his legal acumen, ensuring that his clients received the most thorough and thoughtful representation possible.

The zenith of his legal journey led to his appointment as a Workers' Compensation Judge, a role he embraced with unwavering dedication at the Los Angeles District Office. As a judge, he presided over countless cases, bringing his extensive knowledge to bear on each decision and ensuring the principles of justice were upheld.

Beyond the courtroom, Mr. Hernandez extends his commitment to his community through active participation in various groups, most notably Rotary International, where he previously served as the president of the Covina Rotary chapter. His involvement in these organizations underscores his desire to give back, embodying the ideals of compassion and service that define his character.

Furthermore, Mr. Hernandez's influence reaches far beyond legal circles. He generously shares his wealth of knowledge by lecturing on workers' compensation topics throughout the state, becoming a respected source of wisdom for those seeking guidance in the legal domain. His appearances as a legal commentator on Telemundo and Univision have allowed him to enlighten a wider audience, ensuring that the public is well-informed about critical legal matters affecting their lives.

In sum, Mr. Hernandez's bio is a testament to a remarkable career, marked by unyielding professionalism, tireless advocacy, and an unwavering desire to make a positive impact. His legacy is one of exceptional legal insight, community dedication, and a genuine aspiration to educate and empower others with the gift of legal knowledge.

⭐Proudest Achievement: Securing a $1.5M workers' compensation settlement involving home health care for an injured worker. Also, as a workers' compensation judge, authoring of the opinion in Silva v LSG Sky Chiefs and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, 2015 Cal. Wrk. Comp. P.D. LEXIS--, where the WCAB affirmed his award of two supplemental job displacement benefit vouchers pursuant to Labor Code § 4658.5 [LC 4658.5] (one in the amount of $6,000 and the other for $8,000) for each of the applicant’s separate injury dates. The WCAB disagreed with the defendant’s position that the applicant’s receipt of two benefit vouchers was an impermissible double recovery and determined instead that the plain language of the Labor Code supported the award.


UC Santa Cruz Latin American and Latino Studies
Bachelor of Arts

Santa Clara University School of Law
Juris Doctor

University of Phoenix, MBA

Grand Canyon University
Candidate Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership

Bar Admissions

California (State Bar) December-4-2000

Activities & Affiliations

California Lawyers Association - Board of Directors (2020 -2023)

California Lawyers Association - Member, Workers' Compensation Section Executive Committee (2020 - Present)

Latino Comp Logo

LatinoComp - Member/Founder and Past President

Mexican American Bar Association - Member

Los Angeles County Bar Association - Member

Hispanic National Bar Association, Member

California Applicant Attorneys Association

Association of Retired Workers' Compensation Judges, Member

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