7 Characteristics of a Good Brain Injury Lawyer in LA

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7 Characteristics of a Good Brain Injury Lawyer in LA

A traumatic brain injury may potentially change your life. Around 425,000 people suffer traumatic brain injuries due to someone else's negligence. You may face serious symptoms such as loss of concentration and focus, mental ability loss, and emotional control concerns if you have a traumatic brain injury.

While a brain injury lawsuit against the party who caused your injuries will not be able to recompense you for everything you lost in the accident, it will be able to offer you the funds you need for your treatment and begin rebuilding your life.

7 Characteristics of a Good Brain Injury Lawyer

Having the right brain injury lawyer on your side could mean winning and losing your case. Make sure you understand what to look for in a traumatic brain injury lawyer.


You do not want to take chances on brain injury claims, especially after a catastrophic brain injury. You should hire an accident lawyer in Los Angeles who has handled brain damage cases in your area before. Ideally, you should engage with an attorney who has successfully pursued compensation for other traumatic brain injury victims.

In a brain damage case, the experience can make all the difference. An experienced attorney possesses many beneficial qualities, including:

●    Insurance Industry Knowledge: An experienced brain injury attorney knows how much compensation you should expect from the insurance company after a traumatic brain injury. An experienced attorney can help you decide when to accept a settlement offer and when to battle for more. Not only that, but an attorney typically knows how to press the issue with the insurance company, persuading them to compensate you for your injuries with more money.

●    Legal Understanding: Is it possible to return to work after a traumatic brain injury? What effect will it have on the amount of compensation you can get, especially if your injuries are likely to be permanent? Working with an experienced attorney will better understand how to go with your life following a traumatic brain injury.

●    Understanding of the Local Legal System: An experienced lawyer has dealt with the local court system before and knows how the judge will react to instances similar to yours. This knowledge will come in handy if you need to go to court to receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries after a brain injury.

A Fantastic Legal Team

Some lawyers operate alone. On the other hand, others are employed by a much larger corporation. Take the time to ask a few critical questions before deciding on a lawyer to represent you: who will truly represent you to the insurance company?

Will you be represented by the brain injury lawyer whose name appears at the top of the stationery if the case proceeds to court, or will you be represented by someone else? Ideally, you should engage with a law firm with a strong legal team with expertise.

These attorneys have a lot of experience working together, and they could be able to help you get the money you deserve for your injuries. When you deal with a successful legal team, you can rest assured that you will receive excellent counsel regardless of who handles your case's intricacies.

Communication Skills

Filing a brain injury claim following a severe brain injury such as a concussion or brain contusion can be slow. Negotiating with the insurance company might take a long time, and getting the funds you need in your hands may take even longer if your case needs to go to court. Make sure the attorney you choose has excellent communication abilities.

Reasonable Payment Plans

You probably already know how expensive lawyers can be, especially if you need to go to court to fight for compensation after a traumatic brain injury. While you may have planned to pay those bills as needed, you may find it difficult to come up with funds throughout the claims process, or you may need to make financial arrangements to meet your needs. Following your brain injury, you may not be able to work.

Limited hours at work and a change in compensation and job duties might put you in a financial bind, especially if medical expenditures mount.

Cost is important when choosing an attorney. Fortunately, many personal injury attorneys recognize the difficulty of raising the finances required to hire an attorney and offer reasonable payment options, including contingency fee arrangements.

When you hire an attorney in Los Angeles on a contingency fee basis, he will give you all of the legal services you require, whether you can reach an out-of-court settlement with the insurance company or go to court to seek compensation. The attorney will then deduct payment from the amount you recover.

That amount is frequently a proportion of your total remuneration.

A Personality Match

Your lawyer's personality has little bearing on their courtroom abilities. You could determine that personality is less important than other factors in other circumstances. However, remember that you will be working directly with your attorney throughout the claims process.

If your personalities do not mesh well, you may become frustrated with your attorney, especially if the claim does not go your way. Take the time to interview attorneys personally.

Look for an attorney that has the patience to communicate with you attentively. You also want an attorney who will take the same strategy to your case. You may seek legal assistance from someone else if an attorney rubs you the wrong way or makes you feel uncomfortable.

An Appropriate Caseload

At any given time, each attorney deals with many brain injury lawsuits. You don't need or deserve an attorney who devotes 100% of their time to your case.

 You do, however, want a personal injury attorney who has adequate time to devote to your case—one who isn't so swamped with other cases that he can't give it the time and attention it deserves.

 Positive Feedback

 Take the time to study reviews before selecting a brain injury lawyer. When determining whether or not a lawyer is right for you, it's important to look at various reviews.

 On the attorney's website, there are reviews. You can examine what the law company focuses on by visiting the attorney's website.

 Some law companies, for example, place a premium on customer convenience. They may approach you rather than expect you to come into the office to seek assistance.

 Other lawyers prioritize obtaining their clients the pay they deserve, no matter how long it takes. They will pursue that compensation viciously and aggressively, whether in or out of court.

 You can get a notion of what attributes the attorney feels essential to highlight by reading the evaluations on the attorney's website. You want the best accident attorney in Los Angeles whose interests align with yours during the claims procedure. However, please don't believe the buzz that a lawyer's website may create about them.


 After a traumatic brain injury, hiring a personal injury lawyer in LA can help you get the compensation you deserve and give crucial representation and assistance when you file a brain injury claim. You may make the claims process easier on yourself by completing your homework and taking the time to contact an attorney that meets your personal needs.

 At Mendez and Sanchez, meet the law-winning team of accident lawyers in Los Angeles. As we pursue the compensation you deserve, our attorneys and staff members are here to guide you through the challenging legal terrain. Contact us if you need assistance with a Personal Injury, Auto Accident, Workers' Compensation, Slip & Fall, or other legal matter.

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